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Benefits of having a studio / gallery space at The Enclave

We wanted to develop a one-of-a-kind

place where artists can come together and

have a cost effective place to create their

works of art. This space would also act as a

gallery to be able to sell those pieces.  


For this reason, as well as many others, Domain Lancaster provides this solution for Artists. This “arts market” type setup will be a huge asset to the Lancaster art scene.  It will be a destination for sure.  

Reduced Expenses

Since your studio and gallery are one in the same, you will save money.  Gallery space can be costly. Let’s reduce that!

Full Business Amenities

Whether its fast Wi-Fi, Conference Rooms, Printing invoices, etc.  We’re here to help take your art to the next level.

Great First Impressions

First Impressions are everything.  Make it a good one in our awesome spaces. You won’t be disappointed.

Event Space

Need a location for your next exhibit? Whether it is indoors or open-air, we are able to meet your needs?

Increased Local Footprint

A studio space in the heart of downtown Lancaster is ideal. Can you think of a better location?

Increased Productivity

With a private studio, you will be more focused.  With 24/7 access, that creative itch won’t go unscratched.

What is The Enclave, really?

A collection of 15 studio / gallery spaces fabricated from recycled shipping containers designed to embrace the urban surroundings and provide all the amenities an artist needs. 

Some are ground level and will have ADA accessibility. Other studios will be on an upper mezzanine level.  All the containers will have roof top gardens to do our part to control stormwater.  There will be 2 ADA accessible bathrooms on the ground level. 

Each unit is a 20′ high cube shipping container.  This means that each space is 8′ wide by 20′ deep and 9.5′ high for a total of 160 square feet.  Some locations will be able to combine multiple containers to create a single larger space.

The main access will be at 12 North Water Street with secondary access at 210 West Grant Street.  Included in the complex is the “Graffiti Bar”, a unique food and beverage venue. This will be open to the public except during private events. 

Combined with our residential project at 30 North Water Street (just next door), we will be able to provide a work / live opportunity.  It’s Lancaster city’s first micro-living project.  You can find more info here.


Service Offerings

We are dedicated to helping small business succeed by having the right mix of services available for whatever your business goal is. It doesn’t matter whether you need just a space to create or you are adding your 5th professional gallery space.  We are here to help!


We understand that every business is different and each has its own unique set of challenges.  Our hopes is to provide a place for business to thrive.  As your business grows, we hope that you will grow with us.  

Exhibit / Meeting Room Spaces

Access to 5, fully equipped, spaces through-out Lancaster County (Lancaster, East Petersburg, Lititz)

Mail and Package Delivery Available

No need to clutter your home mailbox with your business mail.  Get a secure location to have packages delivered 

Event Space

Need a place to do a workshop or a happy hour? We have you covered for events for about 2-3 dozen people

Lobby Directory Listings

Solidify your business foundation and make it more official. All visitors will be able to see your business info.

Print / Scan / Copy

Wi-Fi printers (Color and B&W), Large scale copiers.  It’s what you need to show your professional image

Professional Business Address

Use your address for business cards and the like. Even use it on your website to better your search engine rankings

Client Pick-up / Drop-off Point 

Have a business that requires clients or vendors to drop items off to you?  Maybe samples or supplies…

High-Speed Internet

We offer complimentary business class Wi-Fi for you and your guests. Hard-wired connections also available.

Flexible Commitments

Our memberships are meant to allow for the ebbs and flow of business.  We ask for 6 or 12 month commitments

What are the amenities of each studio?

Anyone who is looking to improve their company’s bottom line and its footprint across Lancaster County.

Force Air Heat & Air Conditioning

All utilities included

Access to communal clean-up room

Each space is 8′ x 20′ (160 SQ FT)

2 ADA Accessible bathrooms

Ample electrical outlets

Some units with running water

Double full glass retail entrance doors

Secure gated access

Shared courtyard use

Roof top gardens



We offer several pricing levels to help meet the changing and growing needs of business.  Prices range from $300 to $500 per month.  All utilities are included.

Reach Us

Please reach out if you’d like more info or to schedule a tour.

210 West Grant Street,
Lancaster, PA 17603

+1 717.723.9931

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Thanks to our sponsors for helping to develop and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of Lancaster County.