The "leased" office is soon to become a thing of the past.

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Benefits of a Virtual Office

Businesses that provide its team with

flexible office choices are seeing increased

productivity and engagement.


For this reason, as well as many others, Domain Lancaster provides this Virtual Office solution. Workers that are not constrained to an office tend to be more satisfied with their jobs and able to be more innovative and creative. The definition of what constitutes an office is noticeably changing.

Full Office Amenities

Whether its fast Wi-Fi, Conference Rooms, Printing proposals, etc., we’ve got it covered.

Great First Impressions

First Impressions are everything.  Make it a good one in any of our locations. You won’t be disappointed.

Improved Health

Workers who maintain a flexible & mobile work schedule are proven to be healthier than sitting at a desk 10 hours a day.

Meeting Spaces

Have an important client meeting? Interviewing a prospective candidate or an investor?

Increased Productivity

Team members will be more engaged with flexible work choices. This translates to higher profits!

Reduced Expenses

Small businesses spend about 10% of revenues on typical office rent.  That’s crazy. Let’s reduce that!

Increased Local Footprint

You need to be able to go where your clients are.  Use any of our 4 locations to make that happen.

Shorter Commute Times

Virtual Offices provide convenience and flexibility to manage time and work schedules better.

Improved Recruiting

Be able to recruit top talent by offering more choices in terms of when and where people work.

What is a Virtual Office, really?

A solution for professionals that desire work / life balance, while being mobile, to conduct business. 

A way for businesses to meet its changing demands for the “I want it now” and “I want it convenient” culture we are living in. 

A way for your businesses to be perceived as larger than it may be.  Meeting or interviewing people at Starbucks all the time can be seen as unprofessional. 

All this, without sacrificing the bottom line profit…


Service Offerings

We are dedicated to helping small business succeed by having the right mix of services available for whatever the business goal is. It doesn’t matter whether you need just a conference room to meet some clients or adding your 50th employee.  We are here to help!


We understand that every business is different and each has its own unique set of challenges.  Our hope is to provide a place for business to thrive.  As your business grows, we hope that you will grow with us.  Within our 4 locations, we also have 80 private offices that are available with flexible commitments as well. 

Conference / Meeting Room Spaces

Access to 6, fully equipped, meeting spaces through-out Lancaster County (Lancaster, East Pete, Landisville, Lititz)

Mail Receipt and Forwarding

No need to clutter your home mailbox with your business mail.  Get a secure location to have packages delivered 

Event Space

Need a place to do a seminar or a client happy hour? We have you covered for events for about 2-3 dozen people

Lobby Directory Listings

Solidify your business foundation and  make it more official. All visitors will be able to see your business info.

Print / Scan / Copy

Wi-Fi printers (Color and B&W), Large scale copiers.  It’s what you need to show your professional image

Audio / Video Conferencing

Our meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology to create seamless experiences

Professional Business Address

Use your address for business cards and the like. Even use it on your website to better your search engine rankings

Client Pick-up / Drop-off Point 

Have a business that requires clients or vendors to drop-off items to you?  Maybe samples or an application…

High-Speed Internet

We offer complimentary business class Wi-Fi for you and your guests. Hard-wired connections also available

Business Phone System

Local phone number, unlimited local & long distance calls, virtual soft phone, Visual Voicemail, Fax services, etc.

Flexible Commitments

Our memberships are meant to allow for the ebbs and flow of business.  We ask for 6 or 12 month commitments

Who is this a good fit for?

Anyone who is looking to improve their bottom line and its footprint across Lancaster County.


  • Start-ups

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Freelancers

  • Business Expansion

  • Small Property Managers

  • Real Estate Industry Professionals

  • Insurance Agents

  • Wealth Managers

  • Accountants

  • Any business looking to go “virtual”

4 Locations to Meet your Needs

We’ve got you covered, Lancaster County! Our area is growing and as it does traffic will increase as well. We know this all too well.  We’ve strategically located our buildings throughout the county to maximize their appeal and usefulness. All of the buildings are historically significant buildings with tons of character.  They are all very impressive spaces.



Downtown Lancaster



Downtown Lititz

State & Main

State & Main

"On the Square" in East Petersburg



Landisville, just off Route 283

State & Main




Satisfied Customers

“We had been thinking about how we could cost effectively grow our business.  I really didn’t know what this virtual office thing was.  Once I was able to understand it, it was a no-brainer.  We knew this was how we were gonna grow.  This has been a great decision.”

Jessica Russo

“I’ve been running my business out of my house for several years.  While it has been fine, I knew I needed to make a move to be able to take things to the next level.  I was adding new clients and wanted to be be taken seriously. This has been a great answer to my problem.”

Sara Michelle


We offer 3 packages to help meet the changing and growing needs of business

Our Meet package is an ideal solution for those looking to professionalize the business or expand your presence throughout Lancaster County.

Our Meet + Mail package is an awesome solution for that business that needs a home base but the business is fluid and you are always on the “go”

Our Meet + Mail + Phone package is designed for the growing business in mind. Adding a business phone is part of the evolution and natural growth of a business.  

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