Our Manifesto

The Members:

We believe in building a community where small business can prosper. We believe that today is a gift and we should all find our passions and do what we love. We relish in the opportunity to provide a space where dreams can develop. We are blessed to have a small part in each of our member’s journeys in business and in life. We believe that a balance between work and rest is imperative and key to a life well lived.

The Buildings:

We believe we have a duty to bring these old buildings back to life and cherish their history. We believe a historic building is a timeless treasure worth protecting. We believe that a rich history is the beginning of a beautiful future. We realize that we are merely looking after these buildings for the next generations. We wish to leave a legacy that inspires others to believe that new isn’t always better.



Several year’s back, I spent time at a few co-working locations.  The experience was amazing. I loved everything about it – the vibe and style, but I wished these 3 things were different: the noise; limited access to the building; and privacy.  I have always has a passion for real estate and small business.  Eventually, these 2 worlds intersected and I was able to step into this world of collaborative workspaces. Through this journey, I wanted to overcome the 3 obstacles and meet a demand in the local marketplace.

Noise: By providing a similar atmosphere, but having private offices, it has allowed us to get the best of everything.  You are personally in control of the noise level.

You need quiet – close your door…

Want to collaborate – step out of your office and engage other members…

Limited Access: The creative mind doesn’t work on a 9-5 schedule.  When we get an idea or the urge, we need to be able to get to work and not lose that idea.  With technology, we have been able to provide 24/7 that is safe and secure.

Privacy: There were many times when I needed to make private calls and I didn’t have the time to wait for the phone booth to open.  Now I can just close my door and make that call.

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“68% of people said they were able to focus better while coworking”


Thanks to our sponsors for helping to develop and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of Lancaster County.